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Calling it a craving can trick our minds into thinking we’re doomed to fail again. AA suggested that if I identified with both parts of the illness described in the first few chapters, I could be suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience could conquer. I needed to make a decision and take the an extraordinary, drastic and revolutionary path in life. One that ’normal‘ people don’t need to take – to actively seek a spiritual way of life and help others. I spend 3 years in and out of detoxes, therapy and psych wards with people trying to work out what underling psychological problem was causing me to dink the way I did and causing me relapse over and over again. So when AA said that alcoholism is a disease and that it could happen to to ’normal‘ people, I was able to stop looking for a psychological cause and start seeking the solution. Eventually, the alcoholic reaches a point where we make the sane decision not to drink at all.

spiritual malady explained

I was reading last night in I Peter about living in a way that my prayers are not be hindered. And the book by Chuck C , A New Pair of Glasses, defining the SM as a feeling of consciously separated from God.

A Higher Power and Our Spiritual Awakening

The medical model of disease is that it is an abnormal condition that causes suffering and distress. It is a disease of the brain that is likely to have a genetic component. This disease theory of addiction has won a great deal of support in the medical community. As an alcoholic I have found I needed to grow up mentally and emotionally and I agree with the idea of emotional dysfunctionality which I believe is caused, probably, by past trauma or attachment issues. This means that I have hyper-sensitivity and can be over-reactive but I do not believe that I am in any way spiritually deficit. This is a Judea-Christian belief structure of bad versus good and I believe that I did not join AA to become good but well. AA may have started within the Oxford Group but has gradually moved away from their tenets.

  • If that be the case, you may be suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer.” We embark upon a journey of recovery that allows us to develop a deep spiritual connection.
  • It is in this spirit that members often identify themselves along with an admission of their problem, often as „Hi, I’m , and I’m an alcoholic“.
  • It is the emptiness we feel on such a deep level that we turn to self-medication in order to alleviate the sadness and despair that go hand in hand with.
  • The practice of Christian Meditation offers a remedy to the spiritual malady.
  • Rather than providing a feeling of relief, we find ourselves in a perpetual “dark night of the soul,” cut off from any sense of spiritual comfort.

It came as a surprise and a relief to me when I landed in AA and saw in the book that alcoholics spiritual malady were described in this way. These two components are explained in the book over and over.

Recovery Is Possible

It is interesting that a common definition of “spiritual” as it relates to AA, is a sense of connection with others. For me this maladjustment to life is not exactly the same as the spiritual disease mentioned in the Oxford Group pamphlet. My inventory showed me also that I did not seem to have the facility previously to emotionally respond to the world in a mature way. It shows the areas of behaviour and attitudes that can be treated by working the steps. It shows us how our approach to life can possibly be transformed for the better. I am not advocating changing anything, I hope AA recovery remains as it is for 80 more years and much more years.

  • But in our quest to fill this void with any and everything we can think of, we completely miss that the only thing that can actually fulfill us a spiritual connectedness to something greater than ourselves.
  • The way humans think is on a spectrum of self-centeredness and god-centeredness.
  • Of course, as long as we have minds, we will make judgments about people and situations.
  • It is not easy to do so but recognizing this aspect of alcoholism forces us to take an honest look in the mirror at our behaviors and attitudes towards life and other people.
  • The mental obsession is what we can fight in recovery.

Where other twelve-step groups have adapted the AA steps as guiding principles, step one generally updated to reflect the focus of recovery. For example, in Overeaters Anonymous, the first step reads, „We admitted we were powerless over compulsive overeating—that our lives had become unmanageable.“ The third step is also sometimes altered to remove gender-specific pronouns. Demographic preferences related to the addicts‘ drug of choice has led to the creation of Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous and Marijuana Anonymous. In the Big Book of A.A., the terms “spiritual experience,” “spiritual awakening,” or “psychic change” come up again and again.

What About God?

Only once we open the spiritual channels and begin to accept a Higher Power into our lives can we hope to find a solution to our alcoholic condition. Physical Allergy — AA believes that the body of an addict or alcoholic reacts differently to substances than a normal person. When an addicted individual partakes in their drug of choice, a physical craving beyond their control kicks in, compelling them to keep drinking or using.

While I could go on forever on the differences between these two ideas, I’ll keep it as simple as possible. But many of us resisted, even long into to our recovery.

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